TransYouth Care Symposium

We wanted to share information about a training provided by TransYouth Care this August:

The 4th Annual TransYouthCare Symposium (TYCS) is here! TYCS is a comprehensive 16-hour training designed for professionals interested in providing sensitive and competent mental health and medical care for gender-diverse children, transgender youth and young adults. CEUs are available for mental health and nursing providers.

While this training is designed for professionals, parents and others wanting to learn more about gender-diverse youth are welcome to attend. This is a live webinar and a recording will not be made available after the seminar.

Date & Times

Friday, August 5th 8:00 am – Noon 

Saturday, August 6th 8:00am – Noon 

Sunday, August 14th Noon – 4:00pm 

Monday, August 15th 8:00am – Noon 

*Please note times are Pacific Time.

Further information:

One thought on “TransYouth Care Symposium

  1. I missed post for your trans youthcare symposium. If you have any other workshops or symposiums, could you let me know. I would be interested in attending.


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