Notes and Updates from our May meeting

Thanks to all of you who attended and participated in our meeting. It was a really productive time, including but not limited to:

-a discussion about how to care for ourselves and our clients in the midst of political upheaval and change

-a successful referral for a client looking for a letter of support

-a conversation on how to best help clients in the process of legal document change (links below)

-a conversation and resource sharing regarding groups: what is currently available, considerations when starting a group

Our next meeting will be on July 22nd at 2:00. For those not in attendance, we are shifting to bi-monthly meetings and pausing the work of the subcommittees for the moment.

Thank you for all that you do!

In the News

2022 National Survey on Youth Mental Health

Gender Identity 5 Years After Social Transition


New Hampshire Name Change

Name and Document Change Checklist/Planner

Passport Changes/Updates


Principles in the Care of Transgender and Intersex Patients

Affirming Care for Transgender Clients

Upcoming events

Next Coalition Meeting-July 22nd, 2022

Queen City Pride-June 18th 2022

Nashua Pride-June 25th 2022

Rural Pride-June 18th 2022

Portsmouth Pride Festival

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