Free training on Personal & Professional Safety for TGNC Community, Therapists, & Advocates

Personal & Professional Safety for TGNC Community, Therapists, & Advocates

Offered for free on-line, Friday 12:30p-2:30p, register here

Description by the organizer:

This event will be live on Zoom, and also recorded in case you can’t make it live!

We will be engaging in a discussion with experts—including Andy Izenson, trans lawyer/activist/Harvard professor; Wolf Goerlich, cyber security and hacking expert; Heron Greenesmith, policy attorney; and Elliot McCullough, trans advocate—about how trans therapists and community members, and trans-affirming therapists and advocates can protect themselves personally and professionally from in-person and online harassment, doxxing, negative reviews, and criminal prosecution.

Topics include: 1) best practices for supporting and protecting people getting harassed; 2) cybersecurity; 3) personal safety; and/or 4) engaging in care and advocacy activities in states with anti-trans laws.

While the event is free for anyone who needs it to be (use code FREE at check out!), we’ll be covering costs by accepting $25 donations per person, and/or providing 2 AASECT CEs at $25 for those who want them; 100% of surplus will be donated to the Trans Justice Funding Project (TJFP).

PLEASE NOTE: This event will have a zero tolerance policy on intentionally transphobic behavior and language, meaning that moderators will immediately remove any attendee who exhibits transphobic behavior or makes transphobic comments verbally or in the chat. If a removed attendee has paid a fee for CEs, they will be refunded and will not receive CEs.

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