NPR NH reports on the impact of anti-trans bills being heard today in NH

The Gender Diverse Care Coalition’s own Harvey Feldman is one of the providers interviewed about the impact of the multiple anti-trans bills proposed this year on trans youth in NH. Read the story on NPR NH here.

The hearings for the bills are today. You can also Follow 603 Equality for live updates today (@603Equality on Twitter & Instagram) as they lead a strong show of opposition to this harmful legislation (and support for the one positive bill in the mix!)

You can still submit written testimony regarding SB 272-FN, HB 619, HB 417, HB 368, and HB 10-you can do this by emailing folks on the committees listed at the links below by 11pm this evening:

SB 272-FN hearing (parental bill of rights; this Senate version is worse than the house version, aka more explicit about forced outing)

HB 619 hearing (banning gender affirming care for minors, banning LGBTQ+ affirmation/education in public schools, re-legalizing conversion therapy by changing definition) Reps Hall.

HB 417 hearing (calling gender affirming care child abuse) LOB 206-208

HB 368 hearing (protecting out of state trans healthcare seekers) Reps Hall

HB 10 hearing (parental bill of rights) LOB 206-208

More details are also available on this post by the Outboard NH.

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