Upcoming Provider trainings

Here are a few more upcoming trainings for providers, listed by date. Keep an eye on our blog for more and feel free to share others with us through our contact page.

Why Friendly Isn’t Enough: Why Friendly isn’t Enough: Becoming an LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Clinical Practice, Live online September 30

Program Description:
While many clinicians consider themselves LGBTQIA+-friendly, well-intentioned clinicians can create inadvertent harm without proper training in LGBTQIA+ affirmative psychotherapy. This workshop will provide foundational knowledge for affirmative clinical work with LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual) clients. After introducing participants to language and definitions related to these communities, this workshop will cover common clinical issues faced by LGBTQIA+ clients, including minority stress, coming out, and identity development. We will explore how identity development can be difficult for clients living in an unsupportive world and how therapy can assist clients with the development of a cohesive self. We will cover common biases that may negatively impact clinical work with LGBTQIA+ clients and how to make intake processes inclusive. Additionally, we will address how to ethically market your practice within your scope of competence.  

LGBTQIA+ Certificate Program online, October 13 — November 18

Christopher McLaughlin is presenting two live CE webinars for the LGBTQIA Certificate

NASW JEDI Conference, December 1, Manchester NH:

NASW JEDI Conference 2022 features the following workshops related to working with trans and gender diverse clients:

Basics of the Intersection of Trauma, Neurodiversity and Gender Diversity

Kelly Smith, LICSW

This training will offer a brief overview of the “triple intersection” of trauma, neurodiversity and gender diversity. There is growing evidence that a significant number of individuals on the autism spectrum are transgender or more broadly LGBTQ+. Independently, the intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and LGBTQ+ populations are at greater risk for exposure to trauma and adversity. Individuals at the intersection of both of these identities are at greatest risk. This presentation will address the need to attune supports and care for the unique needs of individuals who are both neurodivergent and LGBTQ+. This training will provide some tips and suggestions for working with individuals who identify in this population.

Clinical & Ethical Issues in Working with LGBTQIA+ Clients

Chris McLaughlin, LCSW

Clinicians have a responsibility to develop enhanced competencies when working with LGBTQIA+ clients. Creating safe and inclusive spaces, attending to the psychological safety needs of this community, enhancing our clinical assessment and documentation standards, and addressing some of the unique ethical aspects of working with this population are just some of the ways clinicians can improve their skills in partnering with LGBTQIA+ clients. In this more advanced practice workshop, clinicians will gain valuable skills and an appreciation for how to best create welcome, safe, and affirming environments as well as review some of the best practice clinical skills and ethical considerations in working with LGBTQIA+ clients and their support systems.

Don’t forget about these free online trainings available any time:

National LGBT Education Center has a variety of free trainings

National Latino Network’s How do you build spaces for LGBTQ survivors of color

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