Trans Day of Visibility and Action

Trans Day of Visibility was yesterday. Given that there has been some difficult news lately, I wanted to share some positive updates about the Biden administration’s new policies effecting trans and nonbinary people:

Finally, Some Good News On Trans Rights Listen now (9 min) | Pres. Biden releases numerous new policies.

PFLAG also has a page with various information Trans Day of Visibility

Also here are some beautiful trans affirming billboards:

‘I had to do something tangible’: How a billboard turned into a grassroots movement sharing positivity A billboard with the words “You Are Loved” over a progress rainbow flag and superimposed with flowers went up in Madison, Wisconsin this past summer. Designed by Madison-based transgender, nonbinary artist Rae Senarighi, it was originally intended to just be up in June for Pride month, but a grassroots campaign has turned it into so much more.

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